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We are the leading B2B technology platform for the energy industry and the energy transition. Find 850+ technologies all in one place, and use our data insights and tools to compare and select the right ones for your business. 

We’re not just another scouting firm, we give you the data & tools to get the right tech deployed today. 
This way adding significant value to the bottom line.

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  • Get easy access to the right solutions.
  • Driven by data insights and a global user community.
  • No need to travel to multiple exhibitions or hire management consultants.
  • Use the platform to streamline technology deployment within your company.

The start of TechnologyCatalogue.com


Founders Erik Nijveld and Vincent van Beusekom each brought extensive experience in the energy industry, with Erik having spent 19 years and Vincent 11 years at Shell. In their final roles at Shell, they were responsible for finding & selecting proven 3rd party technology, and to get the technology deployed and replicated in Shell’s assets. They did that through - what was called in Shell - the Technology Replication Thrust for Production Excellence. Over a period of about 7 years, they managed to realise over 600 deployments, with significant business impact made. But it wasn’t easy. At some point in time they thought: “why is there no platform that can help us with finding & selecting technologies and streamlining the delivery!”

It may sound strange, but such a platform didn’t exist. In our consumer life, we use platforms for hotels, restaurants, etc. But for technology, there was no such platform. And as far as we can see, TechnologyCatalogue.com is still the only two-sided B2B technology platform in the energy industry. The platform as we have it today is designed based on the founders’ user experience. They understand what is needed from the perspective of operators. And where the company is today is pretty much what they had in mind when they started it!

It’s fantastic to see that customers see the value. We get consistent feedback that our platform is a tremendous resource to find and select technologies, and that the platform provides data insights that would otherwise take months to obtain. 

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Meet the team

We are a diverse team, spread across 10 different countries. We have varying academic backgrounds and professional experiences, and work collaboratively on our mission to accelerate the energy transition through rapid uptake of emerging and field-proven technology. 



Platform Development

Jasmine Hakim

Jasmine Hakim

Project Manager at Eastern Enterprise
Shivanand Mitakari

Shivanand Mitakari

Technical Lead & Back-end Developer at Eastern Enterprise
Arvind Kumar

Arvind Kumar

Senior Front-end Developer at Eastern Enterprise
Pavan Shidankar

Pavan Shidankar

Test Lead and Operational Support at Eastern Enterprise
Devesh BA

Devesh Patil

Business Analyst at Eastern Enterprise
Anjali Rana

Anjali Rana

UI/UX Designer at Eastern Enterprise

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