Frequently Asked Questions from Suppliers

How big is your user base? Could you give us more details on your user profile

As of today, there are over >10,000 registered users. What’s even more important: these are users that are looking for specific technologies to address specific business needs.

Our users often hold key positions in companies such as Shell, Aramco, Aker BP, Harbour Energy and many others.

What is your business model

We earn our money by selling subscriptions to suppliers and end-users. See our website for our offerings.

Do you get commissions from transactions resulting from contacts made on the platform?

Transactions between end-users and suppliers or between end-users and tech experts as a result of the matchmaking role of the platform are independent of the platform. We DO NOT work on a commission basis.

Does the transaction take place via the platform?

No, but it starts from the tech page. End-users can send a message to the supplier via the contact form and request a quote or schedule a meeting to discuss. Depending on the subscription you have with us, you will be able to see the names of users who follow your technology and visit your page. You will be able to interact with leads through the platform.

Then, the moment an end-user wants to purchase the technology, it follows the normal procurement process.

Is a replacement for direct contact between supplier and end-user? DOES NOT replace direct contact between supplier and end-user. It facilitates matchmaking between suppliers and end-users all over the globe through the dynamic features of the platform.

What’s in it for suppliers?

By registering technology on, the tech page of suppliers will get global visibility, 24/7. The best part: it costs a fraction of the price of participating in exhibitions. With better analytics and higher visibility resulting from our targeted communication efforts, suppliers can even skip most of the exhibitions and cut on their marketing costs.


Does focus on novel innovations, proven technologies, or both? hosts BOTH novel innovations and proven technologies. Most companies in the industries that we support want to be (fast) followers, and they are therefore most interested in technologies successfully used by others.

However, our experience also is that the moment value is delivered through the deployment of proven technologies, end-users are open to hearing about novel solutions. Hence, we give our end-users access to both types of technological solutions.

My technology is still under development. Why would I register it on your platform?

By putting the technology on the platform while it’s still under development, it gives you a feel about potential customers early on. It can also help to identify parties to pilot the tech with. The platform is also actively being used by investors, in case this is relevant to you. We actually found some of our own investors via the platform.

I noticed that has partner platforms such as the UK Energy Technology Platform. What is the link between and these platforms?

These platforms are all part of the overall structure, and make use of the same database and ‘engine’. The moment a technology is on one platform, it can also be included on other platforms, where applicable. This further increases the visibility of the technology.

How can help me reach more end-users?

Joining the platform and keeping your tech page evergreen is a good starting point. To maximise your exposure, we have different packages that provide more opportunities to showcase your technology to our network. These packages also offer data and insights that allow you to know the end-users that are showing interest in your solution, as well as better understand your target market.

For more information on our packages, click here.


How many messages can I expect from potential customers?

This varies per technology, and will depend on a number of factors that include the quality and quantity of information you share on your tech page, the visuals (images/videos) you attach, and how updated your page is. Tech pages can attract inquiries from interested end-users that range from just a few to tens per technology per month. 

To attract more visitors to your tech page, we offer premium packages to maximise your technology’s visibility on our platform and other channels such as social media. You can see the packages here.

Who decides on what filters my technology page appears? How can I add my technology to the right modules, categories and filters?

While completing your tech page, you can specify the categories and modules that you deem fit for your technology. Our team will then review, adjust (if necessary) and approve the categories and modules where your technology will appear. 

Do you share user details with suppliers?

We facilitate communications between our platform users through the platform. We thereby do not disclose the e-mail addresses of our users.


I don’t like it that my competitors can be on Why do you show competing technologies?

This is no different from exhibitions. Your competitors may be present with a booth as well.

Showing competing or relevant technologies alongside your technology, similar to exhibitions, is not a bad thing. After all, the biggest competitor to technology is not the technology of someone else, but companies continue doing what they have always done! 

By having all relevant technologies on one platform, the decision process is accelerated.They can compare technologies right away on the platform, reach out to suppliers for more information and make relevant decisions in a timely manner. 


Can I also ask my previous clients to post reviews on my technology?

Yes, suppliers can proactively ask selected users and experts to post a review. You can invite them to review technologies by entering their email address below the review area of the tech page.

Do we get to see the reviews on our technologies first and decide whether it can be posted or not?

The moment a review comes in, it never goes live immediately. Suppliers always have a chance to see it first. If the review is considered to be unfair, it will not be published. In case of doubt, we ask an independent expert for review.

I’m concerned about negative reviews. Is that concern valid?

Reviews cannot be made anonymously. Only registered users can write reviews as we believe recognised experts simply do not put their credibility on the line by posting unfounded reviews on technologies that are visible to people in the same industry they are in.

Moreover, we control the registration process and only allow credible people on to write reviews on technologies. 

As an added protection, we also prohibit posting negative comments about competitors.


When I acquire leads via, do I have to pay the platform a fee or a commission?

Transactions between technology end-users and suppliers or between end-users and tech experts as a result of the matchmaking role of the platform are independent of the platform. We do not work on a commission basis.

Does replace exhibitions?

Not necessarily. Exhibitions are important for networking. A challenge is though that there are so many exhibitions. Having a booth at many exhibitions translates into a significant cost for suppliers. As an end-user, exhibitions can be very overwhelming events, whereby it is very difficult to find the right tech. 

A platform such as makes it far easier to find the right technology. Similar to the way that platforms help us to find restaurants or hotels in our daily life.

We already invested in a good company website and active social media campaigns? How will this site be reaching other potential clients? is not a replacement for your own website nor for your own marketing and sales activities. However, it offers additional visibility and reputability as our platform does not only showcase your product but also presents deployment references and external reviews.

It is also worth noting that end-users are bombarded with numerous options on the internet when searching for technological solutions, and your website or other online marketing efforts may not show up right away in the search results. With, only technologies relevant to your target end-users⁠—companies in the energy sector and related industries⁠—will show up. Furthermore, they can use filters to further narrow down the search and arrive straight to your tech page when they are looking for solutions your technology provides.

It might be interesting to read this blog where we explained the costs of generating leads from different B2B marketing channels. Here you will see how offers a cost-effective complement or alternative to popular B2B marketing channels.

Also good to emphasise: our founders learned the hard way why a platform like is needed & how it can deliver most value to companies!

Is a replacement for direct contact between supplier and end-user? DOES NOT replace direct contact between supplier and end-user, it complements it especially in times of limited mobility for both parties. It facilitates matchmaking between suppliers and end-users all over the globe through the dynamic features of the platform. 

Suppliers who normally connect with potential customers through exhibitions, conferences or one-to-one meetings can also make use of their tech pages to showcase their technologies’ unique features to the growing user community of 

End-users, on the other hand, can check out features, reviews and deployment profiles of technologies they are interested in, and contact the suppliers straight from the contact form on their technology pages. 

I’ve registered my company, how do I set-up my technology page? 

Follow the steps below to start building your technology page:

  • Login to your supplier account
  • Click on "My Toolbox" in the top right corner
  • Click on "My Technologies" 
  • Click on Add Technology

These steps will lead you to the page builder where you can add the required information about your page. You can also watch this video.